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[For General Public] Dreams As Your Inner Map: Understanding Your Dreams Through A Process Work Approach









Dreams are like a map showing us where we are and where we are headed psychologically and spiritually. By understanding our dreams, we may gain profound insights into how to deal with our current concerns such as relationship conflict, illness, financial difficulties, and setbacks in a career or creative project. However, the language of dreams is very different from our everyday language and it is often difficult for our everyday minds to fathom what our dreams are trying to reveal. 

In this one-day workshop, participants will learn how to employ Process Work to translate the language of dreams so that their valuable messages can be better understood. This approach to dreams is empowering to the dreamer because it uses a more experiential approach than our intellectual minds are used to, which allows for greater personal discovery as the dreamers’ subjective experiences are explored. As a result, we will engage in a lot of participatory exercises in a friendly and supportive learning environment.

This workshop is for people who wish to better understand their own dreams, help others understand their dreams, or want to learn more about their psychological and spiritual growth. No prior experience of Process Work or dream work is required to participate in this workshop.


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